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Our Mission

We are committed and dedicated

African Wildlife Protection Fund (AWPF) is committed to protecting the iconic wildlife through education, food security, skills development, leadership, global awareness and security.

Our mission is progressive, balancing the needs of the community and an integrated approach to help those who safeguard and work with our wildlife. The well-being of people, environment and wildlife are inextricably linked. Our objective is to achieve an ideal balance. If poaching continues at its present rate within several years rhinos will be extinct. The problem does not stop at the rhino. Elephant, lion, pangolin, leopard, and many other species face extinction without proactive intervention where it is needed now.

Human wildlife conflict resolution education is crucial to protect and conserve our wildlife and wilderness areas. We are actively engaged in training and supervising anti-poaching teams within South Africa and have a strategic link with major game reserves.

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