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working against wildlife crime

There is an epidemic of wildlife crime worldwide. Highly skilled Rangers are one of the best ways of combating these criminal elements which destabilizes societies in large geographical areas. Observing the challenges of wildlife crime in Africa within only several years we will lose animals such as rhinos, elephants, lions and pangolins. The loss of these animal species will have a devastating effect on the wildlife job market and careers. The result will severely impact the tourism industry of Africa and the ecosystem. Ultimately we will have lost our national heritage and failed in our responsibility to steward the wildlife in Africa.

Our wildlife protection initiative takes the approach that our Rangers must not only be skilled in the protection elements of security, but also effective educators and ambassadors. We see the buffer zones of security extending far beyond the fenced boundaries of our national and private reserves for the long-term sustenance of the community itself.

The need to train and field large numbers of skilled officers and Rangers is urgent. The work of these Rangers is always physically and mentally demanding and dangerous both at an individual and unit level. They are under-funded with a lack of equipment and training,also often over stressed with managing large geographical areas in small numbers. We are commitment to train and field hundreds of Rangers and Anti-Poaching Officers through our hands on approach which is badly needed on the front-line of working against wildlife crime.


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